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Menu restaurant Amadeus

Small dishes, starters

Slices of home-made „Small town“ ham with horseradish butter, mustard sauce and farmer´s bread

Chicken liver pate with pistachios, lettuce and cranberry vinegret

Salad of tiger prawns with arugula and crispy toasts

Marinated beetroot with goat cheese and honey vinegret

Beef tartar with shallots salad, capers and roasted peppers



Goulash soup with mushrooms


Home-made egg pasta, vegetarian offer

Wide noodles with roasted salmon, beans, tomatoes and basil

Tagliolini with mushroom sauce and buttered broccoli

Sweet and sour green lentils with fried egg


Small salad

Colorful mixed salad with Greek Kalmata olives


Large Salads

Variation of lettuce salads with arugula, sun-dried tomatoes, roasted chicken and mustard sauce

Carpaccio of two-color tomatoes with basil, shallot and cheese Burrata



Double-mould cheese marinated with chilli peppers, garlic, sun-dried tomatoes and red onion

Selection of traditional Czech cheese Hermelín, Vltavín, Modřenín, Blaťácké zlato


Classic specialties

Roast beef with traditional “svíčková” cream sauce, cranberries and selection of dumplings

Beef goulash stewed in light beer with potato pancakes with marjoram and garlic

Veal cheeks stewed in red wine with potato puree, roasted carrots and mushrooms

Fried pork medallions with buttered mushed potatoes and creamy cucumber salad

Potato gnocchi with sheep’s cheese and lean fried bacon

Breast of farm chicken roasted with almond stuffing and cabbage pancakes

Half or quarter of a roast duck with red wine cabbage and selection of dumplings

Roasted goose leg with buttered cabbage with bacon and potato  pancakes

Rabbit roasted with rosemary served with black truffle sauce and barley risotto


Grilled specials

Grilled Hanger steak with home-made French fries and beans in tomato-mustard sauce

Slowly roasted Chuck roll with buttered mashed potatoes and pepper sauce


Popular roast meat

Slowly roasted beef ribs in a mustard marinade with grilled vegetables and cold garlic sauce

Pork knuckle - whole or half – roasted in black beer with cabbage salad, horseradish and mustard



Roasted fillet of salmon with gratin potatoes, grilled zucchini, extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar

Grilled fillet of trout with buttered mashed potatoes, chive sauce and lemon arugula

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